Residential, Commercial And Post-Foreclosure Evictions

The Law Office of Timothy O’Hara provides experienced representation to landlords, property owners and investors who need to evict tenants. With more than 30 years of legal experience, as well as experience managing apartment property, I understand the needs and rights of landlords.

I will assist you with all types of unlawful detainer/eviction matters. You can rely on my practical experience and my knowledge of landlord-tenant law. If litigation is necessary, I will aggressively represent you in court. Please call 650-295-0921 today.

Protecting Your Investment And Rights

Residential evictions — Whether you rent one property or manage hundreds, you want a lawyer on your side for residential evictions. It is important to follow the laws governing eviction so the process moves forward. I have experience in cases involving failure to pay rent, property destruction, breach of contract, violations of the lease terms and more.

Commercial evictions — Because of the amount of money involved, commercial landlords must take special precautions when handling evictions. You do not want to evict the tenant and have no recourse to collect the money you are owed. I understand these complex cases, and will help you fight to protect your rights and investment.

Evictions after foreclosure — These types of evictions involve California and federal law. To evict a tenant after foreclosure, you will need an experienced, savvy lawyer working with you. I understand how to fight back against tactics tenants use to attempt to stall the eviction. This is a complex matter that is best discussed with an attorney as soon as possible.

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My services are provided either on a flat-fee or hourly basis. Contact my San Mateo law office at 650-295-0921 to schedule an appointment to discuss your eviction case.