You Want An Attorney To Represent You In Unlawful Detainer Cases

In some cases, problems with tenants can best be resolved by eviction (unlawful detainer). This is a process that requires extremely careful attention to detail.

At The Law Office of Timothy O’Hara, I represent landlords who are facing the eviction of tenants. As an experienced landlord-tenant attorney, I can assess your case for eviction and discuss any potential issues with you. If we are ready to move forward, I will prepare the documents and file them on your behalf.

The Process In California

The eviction process begins with a notice of three days, 30 days, 60 days or 90 days, depending on the circumstances. The notice must comply with state law and in some cases with federal law and/or local rent control ordinances. If the tenant does not comply with the notice, a summons and complaint will follow. These must be properly served on the tenant.

Sometimes the tenant will not respond to the summons and complaint. In such cases, the landlord can get a judgment by default and then have the sheriff remove the tenant.

Other times, however, the tenant will respond to the complaint. In these cases, there may be motions and hearings in court. The tenant may demand answers to written or verbal questions and may demand that the landlord provide records and documents of the reasons for eviction. Sometimes the tenant will demand a jury trial. I will represent you at the trial, arguing your position to the judge. The process usually results in either a settlement or a judgment. Following the judgment, the sheriff will evict the tenant.

I Will Make The Process As Smooth As Possible

Services are provided either on a flat-fee or hourly basis. Contact my San Mateo law office at 650-295-0921 to schedule an appointment to discuss your unlawful detainer needs with a lawyer.