Experienced, Comprehensive Landlord-Tenant Representation

For over 30 years, I have helped hundreds of California residential and commercial property owners and landlords evict tenants who failed to pay rents, violated rules or committed nuisances. My clients, who are owners of single-family homes, apartments, mobile home parks and commercial properties, appreciate the advice and counsel I provide based on my training as a Realtor® and hands-on experience as a property manager.

At The Law Office of Timothy O’Hara, my goal is to teach landlords how to assert and protect their rights through applicant screening, residency documentation, maintaining habitability and compliance with rent control. Please call me at 650-295-0921 to speak with an experienced lawyer about how to protect your rights as a landlord. You will work directly with me throughout the process. I strive to resolve matters quickly and effectively.

Preventing Problems And Resolving Disputes

I have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing residential and commercial landlords. Many property owners and landlords do not fully understand their rights and duties. Part of my job as their attorney is to help them avoid problems by performing adequate tenant screening and maintaining proper documentation.

Examples of these important documents include:

  • Leases and rules
  • Maintenance and repair records
  • Responses to tenant complaints
  • Communications relating to security deposits

In addition to helping landlords prevent problems, I help them resolve disputes with tenants as well as assist with unlawful detainers and evictions after foreclosure.

Learn More Today

Services are provided either on a flat-fee or hourly basis. Contact my San Mateo law office at 650-295-0921 to schedule an appointment to discuss your landlord-tenant needs today.